Anne Summers Reports: Highlights from the current issue

A Celebration of Oliver Sacks

Having told the world he has just months to live, his just published memoir provides an illuminating journey through a most remarkable life.

As reviewed by Julian Burnside.

Made in Australia

With more than 2 million people making things, manufacturing in Australia is not dead, but it has been transformed in ways that recall a pre-industrial era, writes Marcus Westbury.

The end of gay culture? 

With the US Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage, gays are now part of the mainstream, gay culture is almost non-existent in New York and what was once its epicentre, Greenwich Village, has lost its “gayness”. Reflecting on these changes, David Hay, who still lives in the Village, is torn between nostalgia and vindication.

Glorious Chaos

Istanbul is an alluring city that straddles Europe and the Orient and combines modernity with the remains of a tumultuous history, writes Lee Tulloch.

You don’t have to walk the densely crowded streets or get stuck on one of the abysmally clogged motor routes to understand that chaos is in Istanbul’s DNA.

Gallery: Leila Jeffreys

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