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The Prime Ministership according to Julia Gillard

For three years and three days, Australia grappled with the unprecedented fact of having a woman lead us. As it turned out, we were not very good at it. In her last formal interview before she was voted out of office by her party, Julia Gillard, talks to Anne Summers about being Prime Minister of Australia.

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Why ladies sing the blues

When a list of the “100 greatest artists of all time” leaves out Nina Simone and dozens of other great women, you have to wonder how Rolling Stone got it so wrong.

by Diana Wolfe


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The Tweeting Chief shows the way for an African wonder

The mobile phone has become one of the most revolutionary change tools in Kenya, used to detect malaria outbreaks, update crop prices for farmers, allow banking in remote areas and even, as Judy Kosgei reports, stop crimes while they are being committed.

Photo of the unfinished Africa Center

Art and design

State of the Art

It’s build, baby, build as once staid American museums engage in a frenzied expansion surge that, David Hay reports, threatens to turn these cultural temples into mere visual emporia.

Gallery: Inaluxe (Jason Odd and Kristina Sostarko)

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