Anne Summers Reports: Highlights from the current issue

Engaging with jihadists

The Danish city of Aarhus pioneers a new program to counter the rise of home-grown terrorists by getting to potential fighters before they leave Denmark—and supporting those who return, writes Paola Totaro.

Everyone’s a star

YouTube offers teenagers the chance to learn, perform, campaign or just show off, writes Samantha Trenoweth.

Ripple effect

The Royal Commission established by the Gillard government to report on and redress the horrifyingly sexual abuse of children in the care of churches and other institutions, knew it would need to provide counselling to those who testified-as well as those who heard the stories. Juliette Saly reports.

Happiness is a sad Dane

The country deemed the world’s official happiest two years running is not such a cheery place after all, reports Jeni Porter from Copenhagen.

Gallery: Cressida Campbell

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