Anne Summers Reports: Highlights from the current issue

Citizen Di

If you don’t like your local newspaper, start your own. That’s exactly what one of Australia’s best-selling authors did.

Did Jesus want this?

Catholic women, including nuns, are getting impatient with Pope Francis, who embraces groups such as gays, immigrants and divorced people, but is refusing to allow women to occupy leadership positions in the Catholic Church. Writes Kristina Keneally

Directors Overboard

The Abbott government’s strict approach to not reappointing Labor appointees to government boards was causing plenty of grief even before the expiration of Kerry Stokes’s term as a director of the Australian War Memorial, reports Karen Middleton.

Back to Black

A Broadway musical that takes the vernacular of the streets, music from hip-hop to jazz and a multi-racial cast that looks like America to tell the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton is breaking all records, reports David Hay.

Gallery: Leila Jeffreys

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