As I announced in my final newsletter to you, sadly we had an overdraft and other debt totalling $180,000 when we closed. A great many of you have responded to my appeal for donations to help me pay down this amount.

As of 11 August, 140 people had contributed a total of $22,114 and further donations have been promised. Donations have ranged from $10 to $2000. I know that for many people even a small amount has been a very big thing and I want you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to help in this way.

My gratitude is boundless, and I feel very humbled by the words you have sent my way. I do hope you understand that it is not possible to reply to the hundreds of emails you have sent, nor even to send receipts for the donations. In some cases, the donors are anonymous. Others I do not know how to contact. Please know that your donation was received and has been applied to the overdraft. This is already bringing down the interest bill and helping pay off the total amount.

I am working on a plan to sell the archives of ASR and ASC to a library or similar institution and hope this will succeed. Any funds received from this will further alleviate the debt and will be a means of ensuring the work we did remains accessible to all in perpetuity. I am very excited about this.

If you wish to make a contribution towards the debt reduction, it is not too late!

You can donate here: Anne Summers ReportsĀ  BSB: 062-014 Account No: 1057-6740.

Thanks you again for being part of the ASR adventure. We could not have done it without you.

Warm wishes