• Simon Bosch 140516

    By Anne Summers          Illustration by Simon Bosch You’d think it would be bleedingly obvious that if 87 per cent of the population agreed with a proposition, then our members of parliament would dutifully and faithfully reflect that view when it came to voting on legislation. We are, after all, in the middle of an election, which … Read More

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  • Simon Bosch 300416

    by Anne Summers      Illustration by Simon Bosch   Have we seriously become the kind of country that is willing to pay for a $300 a week tax deduction to help a one-year-old baby own a property but we are not willing to stump up anything like that sort of money to allow kids to have high-quality childcare? You … Read More

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  • Simon Bosch160416

    By Anne Summers       Illustration by Simon Bosch It was dispiriting, to put it mildly, to hear the views on domestic violence expressed by audience and panel members on the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night. The questions, and many of the responses, exhibited such woeful, and possibly wilful, ignorance about the crime of domestic violence that I … Read More

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  • Hillary and Trump depicted as wild things

    By Anne Summers           Illustration by Simon Bosch   As the rest of the world looks on in disbelief and growing fear that the next leader of the free world could be either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, Americans are taking a second look at the man who is currently in the White House. Barack Obama’s … Read More

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  • Dionne Gain 200316

    by Anne Summers      Illustration by Dionne Gain The repercussions of the deals done to push through Senate voting reforms are yet to be felt. It was in another Senate, oceans away and more than two thousand years ago that the brutal assassination of a political leader by his Senate colleagues occurred on the Ides of March. What happened … Read More

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  • Simon Bosch Illustration 050316

    By Anne Summers    Illustration by Simon Bosch With all the talk about tax reform coming out of Canberra at the moment, you might be beguiled into thinking that is the only policy instrument available for increasing economic growth. You have to wonder why the Turnbull government persistently overlooks an additional or even alternative – and proven – means of … Read More

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  • Simon Bosch 190216

    by Anne Summers    Illustration by Simon Bosch There’s every chance that Barack Obama will nominate an African-American woman to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, the conservative US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) judge whose sudden death last weekend has thrown US politics, including the presidential election race, into a tailspin. The US President is fully aware of the highly charged politics of … Read More

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  • Councillor_Robyn_Kemmis

      My tribute to Robyn Kemmis, Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, at her Memorial Service, Thursday 18 February 2016.   We are all so sad today. Our initial shock at Robyn’s sudden death has turned to sadness as we struggle to come to terms with the loss of someone so special. I hope that by talking about her today, we … Read More

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  • By Anne Summers It’s a topsy-turvy world in American politics when the two second-place getters in Iowa are getting more attention than the winners. American politics are being transformed during the current presidential contest and it is impossible to say at present just where they will end up – let alone which of the still surviving candidates will win the … Read More

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  • Illustration from SMH by Smon Bosch

    By Anne Summers        Illustration: Simon Bosch The most shocking news out of the US presidential election race in the past week is not the continuing surge of Donald Trump. Rather, it is the startling news that Hillary Clinton is in trouble. All the attention to date has been on the Republican race where the underperforming establishment candidates … Read More

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