• Illustration by Simon Bosch

    by Anne Summers     Illustration: Simon Bosch It has been a big week for raising the profile of Australia’s deadly domestic violence toll with the launch of a major new prevention initiative and with Rosie Batty, the 2015 Australian of the Year and a high-profile campaigner on this issue, one of the exclusive group invited to dine with Prince … Read More


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    By Anne Summers        Illustration by Simon Bosch The email from Bill Clinton on Thursday morning said it all. Sent to the millions, including journalists such as myself who have signed up to keep abreast of his wife’s presidential campaign, it was headed: “Wow Wow Wow”. “Last night, Hillary knocked it out of the park”, the former president wrote, referring to … Read More


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    By Anne Summers     Illustration by Simon Bosch Women in power should be judged by how well they perform their jobs, It’s been quite a week for shining a spotlight on the once-fraught subject of gender in politics. In just a few days, new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has increased the participation of women in the federal cabinet by … Read More


  • Illustration from SMH

    By Anne Summers    Illustration by Simon Bosch Like the dozens of Austrians who waited to greet Syrian refugees at a Vienna railway station this week, there are many Australians who have rolled out the welcome mat to desperate new arrivals to this country from Vietnam and other countries. Like the Germans who started Refugees Welcome, dubbed an ‘AirBnB for refugees’, … Read More


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    By Anne Summers      Illustration by Michael Mucci Women who want to retain their right to abortion, and the men who agree with them, should be hoping for Trump to ensure that Hillary Clinton wins in 2016 Talk about hypocrisy. Conservative Republicans in the US piled on Donald Trump for his indisputably “outrageous” (to quote Hillary Clinton) remarks about … Read More


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    By Anne Summers. Illustration by Simon Bosch. There’s a very strange thing happening in American politics and I’m not talking about Donald Trump. Rather, it is the way that so many Americans are now taking a second, and more favourable, look at their President. After seven bruising years in the job, and struggling – and for the most part  failing – to … Read More


  • Lang is Right

      By Anne Summers   Illustration: Dionne Gaine Consider this scenario. The economy has shrunk by 10 per cent;unemployment is 31 per cent; the government can’t pay its public servants and so defaults on its foreign debt. Sound familiar? Greece 2015. Right? Wrong. We are talking New South Wales. 1932. On 29 January, Jack Lang, the incendiary and one-of-a-kind state … Read More


  • SMH column 27 June image

    By Anne Summers     Illustration: Simon Letch The similarities between Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s efforts to counter terrorism and those of his predecessor in the 1950s, Robert Menzies, to ban the Communist Party. The parallels between Tony Abbott’s bid to strip dual-nationality alleged terrorists of their Australian citizenship and those of his political godfather, Robert Menzies, 55 years ago … Read More


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    By Anne Summers        Illustration: Simon Bosch It was a mistake to think Tony Abbott and his ministers were serious about child care. Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his cabinet colleagues have talked so much about wanting to encourage women, especially mothers, to increase their workforce participation that I’d started to believe they were serious. I was ready … Read More


  • By Anne Summers Women pay a very high price for striving for equality, and religions offer no support. Hilariously, Pope Francis has come out in favour of equal pay for women, saying it was a “pure scandal” that women received less money than men for doing the same work. Not that the Vatican need worry about having to do a … Read More