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    By  Anne Summes Many Australians like to think of the British as stuffy, toffy and class-bound by their centuries of royal and aristocratic hierarchy and privilege. This view was reinforced by the parliamentarians’ expenses scandal a few years back, when we chortled over the British MP claiming for the maintenance of his moat. We Aussies are exactly the opposite. We … Read More

  • Illustration by Cathy Wilcox

    The pitfalls of sharing your name with a sex shop By Anne Summers Illustration by Cathy Wilcox I get at least one a week. An email from a dissatisfied customer wanting a refund, or to exchange a product, from the Ann Summers sex shop chain. Just last week, this: “I recently purchased a small, pink bullet vibrator. Today, I went … Read More

  • Writer Georgia Blain died three days before her mother Anne Deveson

      Anne Deveson and Georgia Blain’s legacy By Anne Summers The last time I saw Anne Deveson and Georgia Blain together was in February 2014 at Admiralty House where they, like the rest of us, stood around on the lawns in uncomfortable clumps, clutching glasses as we waited to enter the marquee for the farewell dinner to Quentin Bryce as … Read More

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      Victoria’s plan for gender equality is a reason to move to Melbourne by Anne Summers I am seriously thinking of moving to Melbourne. Not for the coffee, or the food, both arguably better than Sydney’s, and certainly not for the weather. And I’m not really keen on footy, which means I’ll have nothing to talk to Victorians about. But … Read More

  • When two boys died, the laws changed. Not so with 32 victims of domestic violence in less than a year

    Anne SummersWhen two boys died, the laws changed. Not so with 32 victims of domestic violence in less than a yearPosted by Anne Summers on 11 November 2016

    By Anne Summers Two years ago, the NSW government introduced drastic laws to restrict the sale of alcohol throughout the city after the violent and unprovoked deaths of two young men in Kings Cross in the previous 18 months. So far this year, according to NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, there have been 32 homicides as a result of domestic violence. … Read More

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    By Anne Summers Illustration by Cathy Wilcox It’s not just that the dream of a woman finally reaching the Oval Office and becoming president of the United States has had to be deferred, heaven knows for how long. It’s not just that the dream of America continuing the civil, considered and so often inspiring conversations President Obama has had with … Read More

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      By Anne Summers If Hillary Clinton wins on November 8 she will have forged a remarkable and unprecedented political trail: the first woman in more than 200 years of American democracy to win the Presidency, and the first former First Lady to become Commander-in-chief. Contrary to what many might think, the latter is in many ways the more formidable … Read More

  • hill-and-bill

    by Anne Summers I am so honoured to be here and to have the opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of Margaret Whitlam – and to support the work of my local member, the deputy leader of the federal Opposition, the Hon Tanya Plibersek. I have called my remarks, ‘A beaut bird’ which is a description given to Margaret … Read More

  • trump

    by Anne Summers Photograph: Bloomberg It’s been hilarious watching Republicans running away from Donald Trump this past week because their party’s nominee for President was revealed as a self-incriminating foul-mouthed sexual harasser. I loved the way most of them invoked a wife or other female family member as a rationale for their defection. The release of video and audio files … Read More

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      By Anne Summers  Photograph: Anthony Johnson   When I first arrived in Sydney in the early 1970s I lived for a time in Glebe and this was where I first saw greyhounds. I was fascinated by the ritual of these sleek dogs, as trim and taut as their owners, slinking through the narrow streets at dawn. It was such … Read More