• Faith and Feminism

    jay@issimomag.comFaith and FeminismPosted by jay@issimomag.com on 02 February 2015


    Tribute delivered at state funeral for Faith Bandler AC 24 February 2015   Friends of Faith I am going to talk today about Faith and feminism. I am going to pay tribute today to a part of Faith Bandler’s life that is not as widely known as the many other things for which she is rightly famous and for which … Read More

  • Illustration: Simon Bosch

    Selecting Rosie Batty to be 2015 Australian of the Year is a huge moment for our country. She’d been my pick but I still doubted she’d win. Was Australia really ready to have the conversation about domestic violence? It turns out we are. Or, at least, some of us are. When I ran the Office of the Status of Women … Read More

  • dsc06743

    Last Saturday morning I was in Madrid, standing in sombre reflection in front of Guernica.  Picasso painted this massive work in Paris in May 1937 in a frenzied response to the bombing on April 26, 1937, by German planes of the Basque town of Guernica in his homeland of Spain. This was state-sanctioned terrorism, one of the first times civilians … Read More

  • Peta Credlin, photo by Alex Ellinghausen

    “I regret that in some quarters we’re still at risk of telling girls not to ‘show off’, to work hard but not rock the boat thereby engendering a lack of confidence while we praise boys for displaying knowledge.” These are the words of Peta Credlin, chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, “vividly” recalling when she was four years … Read More

  • Frankly, I don’t give a damn whether or not Julie Bishop calls herself a feminist. What matters is what she does, as a woman and for women. And it’s a great shame that because the recent cacophony about the “f” word has occupied so much media space, there has been little – I could find none – examination of her … Read More

  • Finally, after being out of print since 2008, Damned Whores and God’s Police is now available as an e-book, and on sale through this website. I have been struck by how many requests I have been getting for the book in recent weeks. Very gratifying to know it is still talked about and that people still want to read it. … Read More

  • The week before our Prime Minister promised to “shirt-front” the president of Russia, I was at the gravesite of a man who hit his wife so hard she went through a door. The man was my grandfather, on my father’s side, and the woman he assaulted was his wife, my beloved Nana. When this man died suddenly, aged 51, in … Read More

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  • Eight years ago today, the campaigning Russian journalist and outspoken government critic – Anna Politkovskaya – was brutally murdered. 2014 has seen five men found guilty of having committed her murder (with all given lengthy prison sentences), but those who ordered it have still not been brought to justice. Today, on the anniversary of her murder, RAW in WAR again … Read More

  • Annie Beatrice Cooper

    Anne SummersAnnie Beatrice CooperPosted by Anne Summers on 10 October 2014

    Yesterday, after we had gathered at our grandfather’s grave and each said what the event meant to us (and most of us had different perspectives), we then drove to Centennial Park Cemetery where Annie Beatrice Cooper (nee Fairhurst) has been buried since 1974. She was our beloved Nana, who adored her grandchildren and used to take us to the children’s … Read More