• hill-and-bill

    by Anne Summers I am so honoured to be here and to have the opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of Margaret Whitlam – and to support the work of my local member, the deputy leader of the federal Opposition, the Hon Tanya Plibersek. I have called my remarks, ‘A beaut bird’ which is a description given to Margaret … Read More

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  • trump

    by Anne Summers Photograph: Bloomberg It’s been hilarious watching Republicans running away from Donald Trump this past week because their party’s nominee for President was revealed as a self-incriminating foul-mouthed sexual harasser. I loved the way most of them invoked a wife or other female family member as a rationale for their defection. The release of video and audio files … Read More

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  • doggies

      By Anne Summers  Photograph: Anthony Johnson   When I first arrived in Sydney in the early 1970s I lived for a time in Glebe and this was where I first saw greyhounds. I was fascinated by the ritual of these sleek dogs, as trim and taut as their owners, slinking through the narrow streets at dawn. It was such … Read More

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  • wish-hillary-had-married-oj

    Donald Trump might be wreaking havoc with all the traditions of United States presidential politics but that’s apparently nothing compared with what’s happening on the home front, where planning to vote for the Republican candidate is increasingly becoming a relationship ender. The US media, mainstream and social, have suddenly honed in on stories about couples who can no longer tolerate … Read More

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  • menzies

      By Anne Summers Photograph: Glen McCurtayne I won’t be holding my breath, but it would be nice if John Howard paid tribute to his hero and mentor Sir Robert Menzies’ initiatives to promote women in public life in his television series Howard on Menzies: Building Modern Australia, which debuts tomorrow night on the ABC. I’m not expecting it because … Read More

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  • rosie-batty

    By Anne Summers Photo: Eddie Jim   I think most of us would agree that mocking someone for their suffering and attendant misery is a cruel and abhorrent thing to do. Un-Australian even, given we like to think we are the kind of country that extends a hand to those who are down on their luck or who have suffered … Read More

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  • cathy-wilcox

        by Anne Summers Illustration: Cathy Wilcox Now that it is pretty much de rigueur for everyone to call herself (or himself) a feminist, we should consider what that actually means. Joining the f-brigade in recent times have been such luminaries of politics and entertainment as US President Barack Obama, Beyonce, Emma Watson, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Justin Trudeau, … Read More

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  • Donald Trump Source: Bloomberg

    By Anne Summers Photograph: Bloomberg If you think that with his recent attacks on a crying baby and the Muslim parents of a dead soldier or his apparent willingness to use nuclear weapons, or his use of details from a confidential security briefing, or even his outright refusal to endorse leading Republicans, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Arizona Senator John … Read More

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  • Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations, attends a panel discussion at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena, California July 24, 2006.  REUTERS/Fred Prouser (UNITED STATES) - RTR1FSQ6

    Picture: Reuters/Fred Prouser by Anne Summers If you thought the shenanigans at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were the weirdest thing happening in America this week, you would be wrong. Mind-boggling and frightening as it is, the Trump circus is almost being outplayed by a high-powered drama that will have equally potent ramifications for conservative politics in the US. … Read More

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  • SMH image

    The last frontier for women in power is finally in sight Date July 9, 2016 by Anne Summers Consider this: within six months, by the end of January when the next US president is sworn in, it is highly likely that three of the world’s top five economies will be run by women, at a time when women also head … Read More

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