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          2020 Vision Why we need New Century Reconstruction   The 2017 Kenneth Myer Lecture by Anne Summers AO Ph.d National Library of Australia 10 August 2017 Brain Centre, University of Melbourne 13 September 2017     Dr Marie-Louise Ayers, Friends of the National Library and other distinguished guests Men and Women of Canberra   Thank you for … Read More

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    by Anne Summers Photograph: Louise Kennerley Why does the state government hate the Powerhouse Museum? Why is it so set upon spending millions, possibly billions, of dollars better used elsewhere (on addressing homelessness for instance) on a senseless relocation of a much-loved and unique institution from its current iconic site? Why is it willing to spend $240 million to allow … Read More

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      By Anne Summers It might have been the Bastille Day military parade that lured US President Donald Trump back to Europe a mere six days after his ego-deflating experience at the G20 in Hamburg, but it was something else that made the visit a diplomatic triumph for his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron. The media called it a charm offensive, … Read More

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      By Anne Summers Illustration: Jim Pavlidis Some years ago, I declined to provide a reference for a well-known public figure who was being nominated for an Order of Australia. I had not been a referee for this woman’s initial nomination, but the office at Government House in Canberra that administers the awards had sought my views as to her … Read More

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    By Anne Summers Photographs AP At 3.15pm last Sunday I was standing in a slow-moving line at the Gelateria at Eataly, on the third floor of the World Trade Centre 4 in lower Manhattan, when I saw a supervisor move towards the women dispensing the ice-creams. He spoke quietly but we could hear his words: “We need to evacuate the … Read More

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    by Anne Summers Photo: AP US President Donald Trump’s tweets have been described as grenades. Now, in terms of their potential to cause severe and lasting damage, they are more like nuclear warheads. Just in the past week, Trump has made remarks that undermine, if they don’t actually sabotage, his own appeal to the US Supreme Court on his immigration … Read More

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    by Anne Summers Photo: Getty Images   It’s grim to have to say this but the facts seem inexorably to lead to the conclusion that the Manchester bombing was a hate crime against women. Especially against women and girls who want to assert their independence and their freedom, who will submit to no one and who want to shape their … Read More

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    By Anne Summers             Photo: AP The potentially terrifying consequences of Russian interference in Western democratic politics has been laid out before us in two very different ways this past week. Both reveal the distortion of politics and processes that result from this meddling. If the Russians’ aim is to prevent business as usual in … Read More

  • Former President Barack Obama will get paid $US400,000 for an hour's lunchtime speech to the Cantor Fitzgerald Conference. Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast

    by Anne Summers     Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast Et tu, Barack? That was my reaction when I heard the news that former US President Barack Obama has agreed to a speaking gig on Wall Street for which he will be paid $US400,000 ($535,000). Not bad coin in anyone’s language. It’s twice what Bill Clinton commanded when he went on the post-presidential … Read More

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    by Anne Summers       Illustration by Matt Davidson Last November millions of Americans, especially women and girls, were devastated that Hillary Clinton, the most qualified candidate ever to seek the office of US president, was defeated by Donald Trump. Apart from fear at what kind of president Trump would be, there was widespread mourning that a woman candidate … Read More