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        by Anne Summers Illustration: Cathy Wilcox Now that it is pretty much de rigueur for everyone to call herself (or himself) a feminist, we should consider what that actually means. Joining the f-brigade in recent times have been such luminaries of politics and entertainment as US President Barack Obama, Beyonce, Emma Watson, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Justin Trudeau, … Read More

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    Illustration: Simon Bosch   By Anne Summers Making history as the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major US political party will probably turn out to be the easiest part of Hillary Clinton’s gruelling trek to the White House. She has to figure out how to campaign against the erratic and irascible Donald Trump without resorting to … Read More

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    By Anne Summers       Illustration by Simon Bosch It was dispiriting, to put it mildly, to hear the views on domestic violence expressed by audience and panel members on the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night. The questions, and many of the responses, exhibited such woeful, and possibly wilful, ignorance about the crime of domestic violence that I … Read More

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      My tribute to Robyn Kemmis, Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, at her Memorial Service, Thursday 18 February 2016.   We are all so sad today. Our initial shock at Robyn’s sudden death has turned to sadness as we struggle to come to terms with the loss of someone so special. I hope that by talking about her today, we … Read More

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    By Anne Summers     Illustration by Simon Bosch Women in power should be judged by how well they perform their jobs, It’s been quite a week for shining a spotlight on the once-fraught subject of gender in politics. In just a few days, new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has increased the participation of women in the federal cabinet by … Read More

  • By Anne Summers Women pay a very high price for striving for equality, and religions offer no support. Hilariously, Pope Francis has come out in favour of equal pay for women, saying it was a “pure scandal” that women received less money than men for doing the same work. Not that the Vatican need worry about having to do a … Read More

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    Illustration: Simon Bosch By Anne Summers Until very recently German Chancellor Angela Merkel didn’t “do” gender. “That’s really not Angela’s kind of thing!” IMF chief Christine LaGarde said of the German Chancellor in an interview with the Financial Times last September.  “I have never ever spoken to her about gender. It’s not her.” Nevertheless, just six months later Merkel’s government … Read More

  • Peta Credlin, photo by Alex Ellinghausen

    “I regret that in some quarters we’re still at risk of telling girls not to ‘show off’, to work hard but not rock the boat thereby engendering a lack of confidence while we praise boys for displaying knowledge.” These are the words of Peta Credlin, chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott, “vividly” recalling when she was four years … Read More

  • Frankly, I don’t give a damn whether or not Julie Bishop calls herself a feminist. What matters is what she does, as a woman and for women. And it’s a great shame that because the recent cacophony about the “f” word has occupied so much media space, there has been little – I could find none – examination of her … Read More

  • by Nicole Elphick, Sun Herald, 22 August During her career, Anne Summers has built up a most eclectic résumé including stints as editor-in-chief of Ms. magazine, running the Hawke government’s Office of the Status of Women and taking the reins as deputy president of the Powerhouse Museum. Her most recent venture has seen her exploring the terrain of digital publishing … Read More