• There was a lunch in Eden, in the state’s south, on Wednesday, where a large crowd turned out to mark the closing, after seven years, of the local domestic violence outreach service. It had been attached to the Bega Women’s Refuge which is being handed over to Mission Australia as part of the state government’s Going Home, Staying Home homelessness reforms, and which is … Read More

  • When I heard the news that Elsie Women’s Refuge was to be handed over to St Vincent de Paul, I simply did not believe it. I was not even angry. I just thought I’d been given false information. After all, what government would be foolhardy enough to give to the Catholic Church, of all organisations – especially right now (Royal Commission, … Read More

  • Why Women Should…

    Anne SummersWhy Women Should…Posted by Anne Summers on 05 May 2014

    A transcript is online of the speech I made yesterday at the YWCA SheLeads Conference in Canberra. Download the PDF.

  • Do we still need women’s history month? do we still need women’s history? Come to think of it, do we still need women? To hear the answers to these questions, if you are in Canberra come to the Great Debate at the Albert Hall on the evening of Wednesday 26 March 2014. Find out more information here, or just go … Read More

  • I was thrilled to join the many brilliant, empowered and passionate women taking part in this week’s London “festival of talks, debates, performance and activism celebrating women and girls”. Catch up on the festival, with plenty of photos and videos, at the WOW Festival website.

  • Part of a program of events that highlight aspects of the collections, Anne Summers and Virginia Haussegger discussed women, power, sexism and language in a special event at the National Library on Sunday 27 October. MP3 audio is available to listen to online or download at http://www.nla.gov.au/podcasts/talks.html.

  • Does Julia Gillard have a woman problem? On Tuesday she launched Women for Gillard, a campaigning organisation designed to boost her support and to raise funds, which is modelled on the highly effective Women for Obama campaign run in the US last year. At this forum the Prime Minister spoke on how women might fare in political representation and in … Read More

  • By Amanda Dunn Can women have it all? It’s the question that seems to have overtaken ”what do women want?” in the media (though the latter still figures), and to feminist writer and journalist Anne Summers, it’s a particularly galling one. ”It epitomises the inequality between women and men, because no one asks men if they can have it all,” … Read More

  • If Tony Abbott was hoping he could tiptoe across the victory line on September 14 without having to take a definitive stand on abortion, he clearly wasn’t counting on the derring-do of some of his political bedfellows. First, it was DLP senator John Madigan, who entertains high hopes of being Tony Abbott’s Brian Harradine. Two weeks ago Madigan introduced legislation … Read More

  • International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women, to honour the struggles of those who fought to get us where we are today, and to remind ourselves of what we still need to do if we are to achieve equality. There is still so much unfinished business. Women still do not participate in the workforce in … Read More