• “Get thee to a workplace” was essentially the message to women from Treasurer Joe Hockey in the budget.

  • We the people are being promised a treat by Tony Abbott. He has informed us that during the March sitting of federal parliament he will “dedicate a day to repealing red tape”. Federal departments and agencies, especially those with insufficient dollars to offer up on the sacrificial altar of the Commission of Audit, have been on the hunt for ways … Read More

  • Once, if a newspaper or magazine wanted to sell extra copies, it would put a banner headline ”What Do Women Want?” on the front page. These days, the attention-grabber is ”Can Women Have It All?” We’ve come a long way, baby. If once we were vapid creatures who, in the view of Sigmund Freud, could not decide what we wanted, … Read More

  • Catch up with my article from 17 August in the Australian Financial Review on the legendary Helen Gurley Brown who died last month aged 90. Read article

  • I totally disagree with many of her assumptions and her own story is of a privileged woman who gave up working in the State Department to return to a tenured position at Princeton University (some would say, still “having it all”) but Anne-Marie Slaughter does raise important points about the inflexible nature of our workplaces and what we should be … Read More

  • My latest article in The Monthly looks at women already fighting on the front line.  Read article

  • Time we had this discussion.  Read article

  • My Keynote Address to the National Labor Women’s Conference in Brisbane on May 14 in which I celebrate Labor’s success in women’s political leadership but call on the government to take urgent action to improve women’s workforce participation by addressing equality in employment via the EOWA legislation, and to radically reform childcare. Nat Labor Women’s Conference 2011 rev

  • Finally…

    Anne SummersFinally…Posted by Anne Summers on 02 February 2011

    COAG meeting, Canberra 13 February 2011. L to R: Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, New South Wales Premier Kristina Keneally, Prime Minister Julia Gillard

  • In Australia in the 21st century the private sector is taking the lead in promoting equality for women in employment and championing women to be leaders in the business world, a field the federal government once had made its own.  Read my article in the Sydney Morning Herald, December 18 2010