Elizabeth Broderick

City Recital Hall, Sydney
07 May 2015

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During her term, as Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth helped instigate paid parental leave, started a national discussion about pregnancy discrimination, campaigned against domestic violence, revealed the abuse of women in the Australian Defence Force and has created the Male Champions of Change, a group of 25 leading CEOs who have pledged to gender equality in their companies. She has also championed gender equality on the international stage and was recently recognized for this by Hillary Clinton.

In a frank conversation with Anne, Elizabeth Broderick reflected on her time in the role, the changes made and the changes still to be made to advance gender equity.  She discussed the impact that domestic violence has not only on the lives of the victims and their families but the wider community and how it is an issue that we all have to confront. Broderick called domestic violence “the most significant gender equality issue in the world”.

Elizabeth and Anne were later joined on stage by two of the Male Champions of Change, Alan Joyce CEO of Qantas and Kevin McCann, Chairman of Macquarie Group.  They answered a range of unscripted, forthright and often deeply thoughtful questions from the audience.


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